Description Certificate or Diploma of a technical or vocational training institute, 2-3 years
Name 2880005
Context Ghana (en_GH) English
Cumyear 12
Note vocational upper secondary education
Searchable 1
Source EPN15
Active 1

Classification Elements

Classification Name Description Source Deviation Note Action
ISCED1997 9000 not in official mappings actions
ISCED1997-LFS 9000 Not covered by official mappings actions
ISCED-A2011 9000 qualification not covered in official mapping actions
ISCED2011-LFS 9000 Not covered by official mappings actions
Alternative ISCED2011 353 Vocational upper secondary education without direct access to tertiary education actions
edulvlb 321 Vocational ISCED 3 >= 2 years, no access tertiary actions


Message User Inserted Action
single programme duration: 2-3 years Ortmanns actions