Description Kutse├Ápe ilma alghariduse l├Ápetamiseta
Name 23300007
Context Estonia (et_EE) Estonian
Note vocational education without basic education
Searchable 1
Source ESSR7
Active 1

Classification Elements

Classification Name Description Source Deviation Note Action
ISCED1997 2C Lower secondary or second stage of basic education with direct access to the labour market actions
ISCED1997-LFS 21 ISCED 2 actions
ISCED-A2011 100 Primary education actions
ISCED2011-LFS 200 ISCED 2 (incl. ISCED 3 programmes of duration of less than 2 years) actions
Alternative ISCED2011 100 Primary education actions
edulvlb 129 Vocational ISCED 2 < 2 years, no access ISCED 3 actions